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About Merlin

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Merlin DMS Ltd, based in Aldershot, Hampshire, only 33 miles from central London, has a well-equipped Document Scanning Service Bureau for image capture, indexing and storing electronically anything from a one-off batch through to the regular scanning of a class of business-critical documents.

But there are occasions where, by virtue of the real-time nature of the job or maybe even company policy, outsourcing is not a viable answer.

In which case, we’ll supply the hardware, software, and knowhow to get your show on the road.

If you want a bit of initial help back-scanning the legacy files to get you off the ground before you take over, that’s fine by us too.

The directors of Merlin have over sixty years experience of providing document management solutions so it’s unlikely that there is a problem that we haven’t come across – and found a solution.

Whoever processes the documents, Merlin has a clever solution to storage and retrieval – DocuStor. The images and indexes are held in big, secure remote servers and are accessed via your favourite internet browser. No call on over-burdened IT resources nor having to worry about compatibility every time Microsoft upgrades Windows.

SO WHY REINVENT THE WHEEL?? Our document management solutions GUARANTEE savings.