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MerlinDoc Demo

Our demo zone

We have set up with an on-line demonstration, which we are delighted for you to have a look at:


But these contain only standard public domain documents for you to see what the system looks like, but they are not YOUR documents and we would rather give you the opportunity to test us out with material that means something to you.

See what we can do for YOU

For the first time, a scanning company offers prospective customers the chance to experience the services it is offering without a meeting with a salesman. These meetings tend to put the cart before the horse – the salesman tries to impose a sense of obligation before you have had an opportunity to weigh up the pros and cons of going with us (or anyone else).

Now, we invite you can get together a selection of documents (say 100 pages maximum, otherwise big postage cost) you would like to see uploaded and indexed and send them to us (would suggest Royal Mail Special Delivery) along with any specific indexing instructions.

Alternatively take your documents with any number of pages (although remember the more pages, the higher the telephone transmission cost) and fax them through to our special internet number* +44 (0) 20 8082 5810 which delivers them to our system in Adobe PDF format. (Please remember that we have no control over the reproduction quality of your fax machine, and we will advise you if what we receive falls below the minimum standard that we, ourselves, would accept for uploading to a web site.)

We will create a private demo site containing those documents indexed for easy search and retrieve so you will be able to exactly what it is we are proposing without having to take anything on trust.

*Fax demo service powered by top internet fax providers