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MerlinDoc Demo

Our demo zone

We have set up with an on-line demonstration, which we are delighted for you to have a look at:


But these contain only standard public domain documents for you to see what the system looks like, but they are not YOUR documents and we would rather give you the opportunity to test us out with material that means something to you. We are quite happy to scan a few documents for you and upload them to one of our demonstration sites, and although this will satisfy you as to the quality of our product, it really requires a good chunk of data for you to be convinced it’s the right solution for you.

Our unique pilot scheme

We offer prospective customers the chance to gain full experience of our services without a major committment. Send us a batch of work – say one or two archive boxes – that we will scan, index and upload to a secure DocuStor location.

Pricing based on maximum discount estimated for your TOTAL JOB  up to maximum of, say, £1000. This will give you sufficient scope to judge the quality of our product and service without bursting any budgets, and we’ll give you 30 days of usage for your DocuStor site subscription-free to allow you time to do it. If you like what you see, we’ll agree a program of ongoing scanning – if not, we’ll send you the scans on a CD, and return the original documents to you should you wish it, and then, once the the scanning invoice is paid, you will owe us nothing.