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Effective EDM for the cost of having your bin emptied!

DocuStor is a cloud-based electronic filing facility, developed by Merlin’s sister company, DocuStor Limited: it’s been carefully designed for ease of use, scalability, and security. You have access to the web, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and you have access to your documents.

Worried that the internet is available to everyone? You certainly don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry seeing your documents. Fear not – we’ve provided a secure portal to ensure only those that should see them can.

Need to find a document QUICK? It couldn’t be simpler – just enter a keyword and DocuStor displays a list of hits. Click on one to open it, then page through it, print it, email it, or fax it. How simple? Click on the Demo tab above and see for yourself.

And it won’t break the bank. DocuStor in its basic form costs nothing up front – just a modest monthly subscription fee that is less than the weekly rubbish collection. More sophisticated versions are available without extortionate price tags and we can customise to suit your needs.

In-house AND outsource

With DocuStor, you can have us do your backlog (see our SCANNING page), then carry on with the ongoing until you have a spate of absences or a major increase in business which gives you more work than you can cope with. Then you can call us in again to pick up a batch of work while you carry on working with the new stuff, so you never fall behind. DocuStor is designed to allow multiple input streams.

Like Topsy, it just growed

The applications that have grown out of DocuStor, make this page unsuitable for a comprehensive treatment of the subject and it now has its own web site. There, you’ll find all sorts of productivity enhancing tools like automation of delivery note capture, purchase invoices, data feeds into Sage and Quickbooks, and a lot more besides.

Click here to go to the DocuStor web site