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Seek and ye shall find

Merlin’s DocuStor provides an elegant solution that will not break the bank. Whether you do the scanning yourself or we do it for you, the primary principle that we keep in the forefront of our thoughts is that you need a fast, simple and foolproof way of finding documents that you’ve stored away.

Your documents may be arranged in a multi-layered hierarchical system with multiple index fields requiring Boolean searches between and within fields – it is our mission to ensure the person at the end of the chain, the one who has to find a document to carry out the job they are paid to do, can find what they are looking for without requiring a PhD in information science.

This is our responsibility and one we take very seriously: our raison d’etre is to provide efficient solutions that save you time and money, no matter how complex the infrastructure we have to work with.

Peace of mind

There is always the nagging doubt – what happens if the whole thing crashes about me? In five years of offering online archiving systems, it has NEVER happened, but you want reassurance that if it ever did, you would still be able to retrieve your vital documents. For that reason, we offer backup data on CD or DVD containing industry standard PDFdocument images plus the indexing information required to find what you are looking for. Some organisations are insistent that the whole operation is run in-house – no problem either. DocuStor runs on low-maintenance Linux servers, so even if there is not the in-house expertise, we can provide it to set up the hardware, software, technical training and backup so that everything remains under your control.

You already have a system in place? No problem

At Merlin, we want you to enjoy the benefits that DocuStor can offer, but are aware that in many cases, we are not starting with a clean sheet. We are, however, very adaptable and can reverse-engineer data from almost any existing document management system. The worst case scenario we have encountered is an ancient system developed from an old computer-aided microfilm package where single page TIFF images replaced microfilm frames and where the complexity of the index format required considerable data manipulation to shoe-horn it into DocuStor. Our efforts were greeted with amazement by the IT people who had thought it impossible – so we think it safe to say we can handle anything a customer can throw at us.